Traditional Orthodontics

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Traditional methods of straightening teeth and correcting malocclusions (abnormal skeletal and dental relationships) involve the tried and tested placement of stainless steel brackets. Movement is then achieved using special wires that slot into the brackets and are held in place with elastomeric modules. It is those modules that can provide you with that bright and colourful smile you so often see with those wearing braces.

Other Types of Braces
If the classic stainless steel look is not for you, or if your job requires a different cosmetic look, ceramic brackets are a good alternative and are significantly less apparent in day-to-day situations. However, ceramics also demand more attention to detail in relation to oral hygiene practices, due to the potential for staining and the brittle nature of the brackets.

Lingual braces
These are worn on the inside surfaces of your teeth, which prevent them from being seen in a cosmetic sense. They are very similar to conventional stainless steel brackets, however each bracket is custom made to fit each of your teeth. They can require some getting used to, as they will be placed in the space where your tongue is usually positioned. These are popular among our adult population.

Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners, including eCligner® & Invisalign®